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    • “Among (the benefits of LNG exports) would be a potentially significant reduction in the U.S. trade deficit … Foreign demand gives U.S. companies an incentive to produce more, which creates jobs. … Don’t forget that taxes and other fees on gas production help state and local go...”-- Editorial Board, Washington Post

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    • “It's not clear that allowing sales abroad would have much impact on American purchasers. The Energy Department says that if exports climb, prices could increase by a quarter over the next five years. But that would leave them considerably below the levels that prevailed before...”-- Steve Chapman, Editorial Board Member, Chicago Tribune

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    • “In a December report for the U.S. Energy Department, NERA Economic Consulting found -- as other researchers have before -- that exports would bring a net economic benefit by helping to balance U.S. trade. The increase in gross domestic product may amount to $20 billion, or pos...”-- Editorial Board, Bloomberg

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