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    • “The producers have gone out and drilled for the natural gas. They should be entitled to get the best markets in the world, so let them have it. ... Why would you try to keep natural gas prices down to favor other industries? It doesn't make sense. When you export that natural ...”-- T. Boone Pickens, Chairman, BP Capital Management

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    • “The United States should focus squarely on setting the policies needed to ensure that shale gas can play a significant role in the U.S. and global energy mix, thereby contributing to greater diversification of global energy supplies and to the long-term national interests of t...”-- James A. Baker III Institute, Rice University

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    • “The president has a goal of doubling exports, recognizing the broad economic consensus that free trade leads to faster economic growth. Energy should be no different. Increasing global energy market integration will benefit both the U.S. economy and our national security.”-- Jason Bordoff, Professor and director of the Center on Global Energy Policy at Columbia University, and former senior director and special assistant to President Obama for energy and climate change on the staff of the National Security Council

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