Our Energy Moment

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    Technology and Innovation

    Unprecedented advances in technology provide a historic opportunity for the U.S. to achieve energy independence while keeping domestic energy prices low:

    • Pioneering exploration and extraction technologies have opened vast natural gas resources to development.  America's proved reserves are at a record high, and experts have identified more than a century's worth of resources recoverable with current technologies.  The U.S. has a historic opportunity to achieve energy self-sufficiency – a goal our nation has aspired to for decades – with little impact on domestic gas prices.
    • Technological innovations, the result of decades of American research and development, have created the potential for the U.S. to achieve energy self-sufficiency, and also become a net exporter of our domestic energy surplus.
    • The Department of Energy estimates natural gas production levels by 2035 at almost 20 percent more than it estimated only two years ago, a growth trend that can support all domestic demand while allowing the U.S. to capitalize on the economic benefit of exporting abundant natural gas to other nations.