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    About LNG Exports

    Longest pending LNG export application

    The clock is ticking on Department of Energy approval for pending LNG export applications.

    Expanding LNG exports will create jobs, grow our economy and boost America’s global competitiveness:

    • Pioneering exploration and extraction technologies have opened such vast natural gas resources to development that demand on U.S. natural gas markets can grow with little impact to domestic prices.
    • This technological revolution has produced an unprecedented opportunity for the United States to become a global energy leader by expanding markets for liquefied natural gas (LNG). 
    • LNG exports offer a common-sense channel to sell the natural gas Americans cannot use to international outlets that can.
    • LNG exports would incentivize new infrastructure investments worth billions of dollars in American communities.
    • Exports will spur increased investments by the natural gas industry, providing more jobs and revenue for roads and schools in U.S. states that produce natural gas.
    • LNG exports will strengthen the leverage of the U.S. in its affairs with nations such as Russia and Iran, the two largest holders of natural gas reserves in the world.
    • After decades of dependence on nations such as Russia, America’s allies in Europe and Asia will benefit from the security provided by an alternative source of natural gas supply.
    • According to the McKinsey Global Institute, approving pending LNG export applications would increase U.S. exports by between $11 billion and $27 billion each year.