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    On Fourth Annual LNG Day, Louisiana Legislature Votes in Favor of Expanded Liquefied Natural Gas Exports with Resolution

    Baton Rouge, LA - Marking Louisiana's 4th annual LNG Day at the state capitol in Baton Rouge, the Louisiana State Legislature today passed a resolution in support of expanded liquefied natural gas (LNG) export markets and the streamlining and expedition of permit approval for pending export facilities.

    "The Louisiana State Legislature today affirmed its commitment to expanding LNG export markets and recognized the benefits of LNG exports for Louisiana's economy and job growth," said Jason French, spokesperson for the Our Energy Moment coalition, a diverse group of businesses and economic development organizations. "Louisiana is the national leader on LNG exports and the vote today is the latest example of Louisiana's critical role in shaping America's energy economy through the export of our abundant natural gas. We applaud Louisiana's legislature for its commitment to expanding LNG export markets that will create jobs for the people in Louisiana and all across the country."

    Held at the State Capitol, LNG Day is an opportunity for key stakeholders in Louisiana to gather together to raise awareness and celebrate the many benefits of expanded markets for LNG. The 4th Annual LNG Day brought together state officials, a diverse coalition of participants, including members of OEM, business groups, service companies and many others to educate the public and public policy leaders of the benefits of expanded LNG exports.

    It is estimated that LNG exports will generate as much as $86 billion in net benefits to the U.S. economy and help create up to 2.4 million American jobs supported by natural gas by 2035. According to a report by ICF International, more than 74,000 new jobs will be created in Louisiana by 2035 as a result of future exports of LNG, in addition to $16.2 billion in income distribution in the state.

    According to the Louisiana State Legislature's Resolution, the "Legislature of Louisiana does hereby recognize Wednesday, April 27, 2016, as Liquefied Natural Gas Day at the state capitol and does hereby express support for the export of natural gas and educating public and policy leaders of the benefits LNG exports will bring to the United States."


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